We hunt the Gangadiddle!

The hunt for the Gangadiddle is a current ARG.

It began with the YouTube series Poochee and Pansy created by "Dolst Family Entertainment". They were uploaded by the user poocheeandpansy. Since then puzzles have been uploaded by the user Gangadiddle. Some information pertaining to the story has also been uploaded by dolst.
More recently, a group by the name of "the s33k3rs" made themselves known. Their goal is to find the Gangadiddle before the hunters, and they make no effort to hide the fact that their intents are of a malicious nature.

Several web fora have simultaneously worked to solve the ARG, most notably including:

In addition, news has been posted on two 4chan message boards (NSFW, must be over 18):

Finally, two IRC chats have been set up:

Important sites relevant to the ARG include

I am setting up this wiki to give an ordered format to the information so far presented to us. It will allow for the story line to be better followed which may help if the puzzles to come are less stand alone and require a better understanding of the story as a whole.

A note of page naming for those who want to help.

Added a Forum. FTW. Its all very generic (but hey, it works).

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