Dolst is one of the active characters in the Gangadiddle ARG. He is a real person, but a puppet was created in fake worlds to mimic him. This puppet cofounded an organization called "Dolst Family Entertainment," which created the series "Poochee and Pansy." For unknown reasons, dolst was fired, and posted angry videos on his Youtube account and angry tweets on his Twitter account in response. After several lawyer battles, the puppet was somehow assimilated into the company, which took control of his Youtube and Twitter accounts and deleted all his Youtube videos except one, in which he makes a scripted statement about his return to Dolst Family Entertainment. Before being assimilated, Dolst was apparently unaware of the disturbing messages the Hunt Master had sent through the Poochee and Pansy videos, and seemed confused when people sent him messages about the "Gangadiddle." He has not been heard from since being assimilated, but the Hunt Master has said that the puppet was "consumed."

The real Dolst has been completely unaware of this, and says he has never been associated with any company like "Dolst Family Entertainment." He recently recorded a video msg.wmv under the direction of the Hunt Master, which the Hunt Master uploaded to Megauploads and showed hunters via the puzzle in "Assurance." The purpose of the video is merely to assure hunters that he is well, that the Hunt Master exists in the real world (dolst describes him as "a person wearing a hoody and who has no face").

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