The name "Gangadiddle" (often abbreviated as G, or with the G logo) is sometimes applied to three separate concepts. "Gangadiddle" is often taken to be the title of the ARG in general, also called The Hunt for the Gangadiddle.

More specifically, the Gangadiddle is a mysterious character in the blog. Little is known about the Gangadiddle except that it is able to travel between worlds, "harvesting" the souls of people living in fake, isolated worlds. It is sometimes represented by a drawing that looks vaguely like a white robot with a head and several limbs. It is not yet clear how powerful the Gangadiddle is or what side it is on.

In addition, one man sometimes called "Hoody Guy" or "Gangatamer," but who now refers to himself as the "Hunt Master" has set up a Youtube channel called gangadiddle. This man claims to not be the Gangadiddle itself, but to be controlling it and keeping it in check. He is somehow "bound" and can only communicate to the fake worlds via riddles and encrypted messages. He also exists in the real world, which is very hard on his body, and causes uncontrollable, violent head motions. He has communicated with the real dolst, who recorded a video called msg.wmv confirming the Hunt Master's existence in the real world. More recently, the Hunt Master has broken the first bindings, and been able to briefly communicate more plainly in the video "Answers." However, the "2nd binding" still prevents him from divulging the most important secrets directly.

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