Poochee And Pansy

"Poochee and Pansy" is a 6 episode series about two dogs called "Poochee and Pansy" who go to rescue a cat captured by a witch. The first episode is the only episode done completely as a flash video with a 'shock' picture at the ending. The rest are done in a very Creepypasta style going between flash animation and real world film. They only loosely follow the storyline and lots of information is missing (in some cases even the episode title). The series acts as a 'rabbit hole' for the Gangadiddle ARG. It is not yet obvious how much of the information in the series is relevant to the ARG. Due to the time and consistency of the shown images, it is likely that there exists strong links between the series and the Gangadiddle storyline.

The series appeared on Youtube before the videos on the Gangadiddle channel and serve as a recruiting ground for new hunters. Links to the channel or the first video were posted on the 4chan /x/ (paranormal) and /b/ (random) boards to attract new viewers. The sixth video is called "Message from the Gangadiddle", but the word "Gangadiddle" is blurred out almost immediately after it appearing, so only advancing frame-by-frame will find it. This keyword allows hunters to find the Michael Filters Gabriel blog, the Gangadiddle channel, and other information about the "Gangadiddle".


Episode 1: The Quest for the Midnight Crown

Episode 2: $ #Wv$ER&8765435 w%4%^$#%@#@$%g gggggg gggggggg

Episode 3: The Witch's Bargain

A Special Announcement from Poochee and Pansy (presented by dolst family entertainment).

Episode 4: ぷちとパンジー。第4章。魔女の目(Poochee and Pansy, Part 4-The Witch's Eye, subtitled)

Episode 5: Poochee and Pansy Part 5: ____________________________________________________

Episode 6: Message from the Gxx%$#^$

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