The video is 44 seconds long. The video is a still shot of a dilapidated room, with sequences of the Hoodie Man motioning in front of the camera. Spliced into the video are four segments of image URLs accompanied with the ImageShack logo.

After the puzzle was solved, the Hunt Master changed the video description to "clear". In the channel feed, he stated, "team of hunters. you have solved all so far. assistance was not yet rendered. you did not need it" (referencing the video "Assistance," which had offered help once the video "Poochee and Pansy, part 1" reached 2,500 views).

The Video

Puzzle Relevent Text

In Video

The four given url's are as follows:

  • 22/7179/pomrnlae.jpg
  • 696/2931/pcuoiaew.jpg
  • 696/1798/utsdglvdl.jpg
  • 717/3562/peneiainl.jpg

Video Information:

12341234123412341234123412 3412
System adds space where none is intended.



Puzzle Solution

Completing the URL's

The Frog image given with the urls indicates that they are imageshack URL's. Thus:

(the server number were guessed)

Giving us these four images of Dolls:
pomrnlae.jpg pcuoiaew.jpg utsdglvdl.jpg peneiainl.jpg

We were sure that these were the right images. Not only were they uploaded on the same day as the video was taken but the EPIX data notes them all as being owned by Dolst.

The "Smuggled Message"

The images were opened in winrar and found to be unrarable with a password. It was noted that the string peutpcpo given in video info was made from first two letters of each image title giving them an order (peneainl - 1 utsdglvdl - 2 pcuoiaew - 3 pomrnale - 4). Using one letter from each string in the order given by the video description (123412341234123412341234123412, with the unintended space removed) gives:

puppetconsumedoriginalaliveandwell (i.e. "Puppet consumed; original alive and well.")

This turns out to be our unraring password. Each picture contains a fragment of a video msg.wmv, kindly uploaded to Youtube by user paperwulf.

Note: at the end of the video the text "tx complete" appears. tx means transmission.

Story Line Development

The pictures of dolls to hide the image in is an interesting choice. Dolls appeared briefly in Poochee and Pansy parts 2 and 6 albeit in a much creppier fashion. In an attempt to see if the imaged dolls were the same as the ones shown in Poochee and Pansy this image was compiled.

The mouth and facial shapes do not match up. Its most likely that a different doll was used in the PnP videos. However it seems that dolst collects these dolls perhaps indicating dolst's involvement with the PnP series creation. Its also interesting to note the replaced eye in the top left doll photo.

Hidden/Interesting Images


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