The Film to start the hunt. Contains footage of the workshop/basement that has been seen in previous films. It gives a url to commencement.pdf which contains a set of rules and a puzzle.

The Video

Puzzle Relevant Text

I. The firm gill, a basic leer.
II. Sad Dr. John, vista cane pose.
III. Prose vets peel Josh.

Filter the sentences through the matrix.
A little algebra will help you Process them.
Solve the puzzle, take out the spaces, then get hyper with your markup.
I. -- -- --
II. -- -- --
III. -- -- --

Puzzle Solution (Unsolved)

+++The Names

The numbers represent word length. The sentences are anagrams.
I. Michael Filters Gabriel (7,7,7) x = 7
II. Jonathan Processes David (8,9,5) y=8 x=9 a=5
III. Joseph Solves Peter (6,6,5) b= 6

Doing the obvious and hypering our markup (Hyper Text Markup Language aka. html) We get out next bit to solve.
1: 111a113h
2: nrn15dnt
3: v91thd.m

Reading from top to bottom left to right we get
which is 1337 speak for
invirginiaitishidden.htm (In virginia It is Hidden)

If we now naviagte to we get the next part of the puzzle

1. "Don't Stop Believin!"
2. Batman __.


The.rar — this is a link that is changeable by our input!

Don't Stop Believin is a song by the Journey.
A logical choice for the second word is batman begins.
Thejourneybegins.rar is there and we get our next clues!

1ClueA and 1ClueB

The rar consists of 1cluea.txt and 1clueb.rar
Near Bill and Mary's place, meet CSA General Lewis A. at Richmond and get his number.
clueb.rar is password protected.

The best thoughts we have so far is the intersection of Armistead Ave with Richmond Road out the front of the William and Mary College Williamsburg. All obvious numbers, street number etc. have been tried as the password but all failed.

This was posted at the dolst website []:

dolst family entertainment would like to welcome ISOLATED Media Group to our latest project. ISOLATED media is a talent scouting firm, joining us in THE HUNT for new talent to fill out our roster and project schedule in the coming months. Members of ISOLATED, you know who you are! Again, we are very happy to have you on board!

 14 17 7 252 253 208 205 206 116 126 77 69 70 121 55 73 11

The number code was cracked by paperwulf counting in the indicated number of letters ignoring spaces and punctuation.
Result: t t a v e L I S n E c e s s a r y
Assuming the second t is Hunt Master mistake Travel is necessary.

Paperwulf's friend went to Williamsburg yesterday and took pictures of anything with numbers on it at the intersection of Armistead and Richmond. The lamp/sign post with the actual street signs had that number on it!
The password to 1clueb.rar is m1837xa67.
It seems to be a Dominion Power pole designation or something, entered it in all lowercase it opens the rar! The contents are as follows:

In 1clueb.txt:
Heed the two guardians' warning.
3:00 to gift of '27.
9:00 to Jim's hall.
3:00 to another Jim.

The Key: callthepolice.htm

The Lock: therootofallevil.htm

"I think the 3:00 9:00 stuff is directions to something there near the intersection but there was no way to know that while Kerry was there! Damn you hunt master!
Anyway, we have two new pages on

At there is a link box to a rar and the hint:
The singer (not the wrestler) is sending out an SOS.
The rar name is sting.rar

At there also is a link box to a rar and the hint:
Don't stop.
The color of money.
The rar name is gogreen.rar


Inside the sting rar is:

85 = 177 370 358 383 17 96 385 50 468 194
62 = 88 214 126 43 491 10 5 427 202 492 - 444 386 432 9 119
23 = 18 / ( 430 + ( 437 / 46 ) )

346 6 41 469 412 302 67 102 .
52 472 142 236 182 459 139 476 266 93 361 195 257 234 276 2 311 393 1 224 280 424 .
248 32 500 465 376 94 480 483 155 121 273 7 151 171 98 416 .
452 68 487 306 370 33 208 504 115 73 304 97 , 107 267 370 347 270 340 14 374 150 324 498 186 298 25 30 290 232 .
463 201 414 217 179 38 299 233 4 243 20 160 422 485 178 136 423 446 , 402 262 118 328 161 226 42 112 130 26 104 416 156 261 458 240 27 345 37 339 !

A picture of the scorpion house with the number blocked over.


Gogreen.rar is password locked, it contains:
To continue this puzzle go here: [[The Lock]]

Heed the two guardians' warning.
Hunter1 established that the two guardians are, in fact, the two statues at Armistead and Richmond and heeding their "do not enter" warning, we go 3:00 (facing the statues) along the side walk.
"3:00 to gift of '27."
The wall/ledge in front of Monroe Hall says "Given by the Class of 1927."
9:00 to Jim's hall.
Directly 9:00 to the gift of 27 is Monroe Hall (named after James Monroe).
3:00 to another Jim.
Directly 3:00 to that is a garden dedicated to James Sands Kelly '51 who was the Secretary to the Board of Visitors. Born in 1978 died in 2002, and to Beverly Simonton Kelly '53. It was dedicated on September 13, 2002. Where this plaque was found

Using the text in the plaque hunter1 translated the code in sting.rar to:

A = full circle
B = boiling at c-level
N = a/(b+(b/5))

take a to n.
east to the land of history.
watch your port bow.
if you meet tom, you have gone too far.
if things seem lively, you have gone way too far!

Full circle = 360
Boiling at c-level = 100
therefore N = 3.

Take 360 to 3, indicates routes.


The house we were looking for was on the left (port) just east of the junction. Found by Hunter1.



kr-not-kk.rar is password protected and contains:
The Key.jpg
The Lock.txt

The house number 8716 unlocks both files in Gogreen.rar
3clue.txt contains:
Eat some Dry Bread
and drive through Brunswick
in a Hick's Ford
and meet me at 3:01.

A tower rises behind David's star.
Honor the rebel if you wish, but he's not the one with the big guns.

Jalebi:"The directions for 3clue seem pretty straight forward. I'm guessing you're supposed to drive down Dry Bread, which becomes Brunswick and leads into Emporia? Then taking 301 in which direction…? Idk, I hear Star of David and think "synagogue", but I doubt there's one there. >_> Annnd after googling, yeah.
There's a HUGE confederate memorial (honor the rebel?) on the north end of Main Street in front of a courthouse. But maybe that's a sign you've gone too far? In fact, 315 is the building number for that courthouse - while their traffic court is building number 301. Coincidence, maybe, but I suppose something to look out for anyway. Good luck, guys. : )"

Tomatogoatee:"The ‘David’s star` is likely referring to the six-point star on the front of the courthouse and the tower would be the water tower behind it. (Google street view makes helping possible for those of us nowhere near VA!)"

Hunter1 is on his way!


  • The existence of Filter, Process and Solve in the puzzle clue.
  • We have seen the name Michael Filters Gabriel Before at []
  • All The Names are Biblical.
  • Near Bill and Mary's place may possibly refer to The College of William and Mary. CSA General Lewis A. is likely Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Addison Armistead who fell during Pickett's Charge in the Battle of Gettysburg
  • All the puzzle solutions have had some indication of traveling. I guess the one posted on the blog was just to confirm what we should have already guessed.


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