Part 1: The Quest for the Midnight Crown

The most mundane of the series. It runs for 1:32. The two dogs Poochee and Pansy discover they shared a dream about a cat that has been traped at the top of a witches castle. They resolve to go save this cat. The know that the witches castle is in sufferdark, the quickest way there is through batwing cave. So off they go. The video ends just as they enter the cave with a 'shock' picture of a skull (shown below) an a scream at higher volume than the rest of the video (which is quite so that watchers will have turned the sound up).

The Video

Story Line Development

Does not seem to develop the ARG storyline at all. A theory is that it is a 'roadmap' for the puzzle where the Gangadiddle is the Witch and our hunt master is the cat. However this is a rather loose match. Its not clear if the Gangadiddle is bound or the Hunt Master is bound.

Hidden/Interesting Images

The picture of the skull shown at the end. Note the one eye on the right. It looks similar to the witch's eye that poochee 'inherits' after the 3rd episode. This is not the only reference to the witch's eye.


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