The video runs for 1:07. It is the first video uploaded by the youtube user Gangadiddle. It consists of a clip of a childs toy interspearsed with words matched to numbers.

The Video

Puzzle Relevent Text

In Video

The words and number pairings in the order they appear.
12 - when, 1 - The, 6 - World, 11 - ends, 13 - you, 16 hunt, 15 - The, 2 - Gangadiddle, 7 - in, 9 - Your, 3 - Lands, 14 - Join, 4 - In the, 5 - real, 10 - isolation, 8 March

Video Info

Which read backwards reads Not Much Longer Now.

Puzzle Solution

The simple rearangment yeilds:

The Gangadiddle lands in the real World in March. Your isolation ends when you join the Hunt.

Story Line Development

This video is the first posted on the gangadiddle account, but not the first message released by the Hunt Master. The first link to the page appeared on the Michael Filters Gabriel blog at At the time, the blog was empty except for the header and that single link, called "Timeframe" (now changed to "Timeframe 1," to make room for "Timeframe 2," the link to the video "When"). No external links led to the site (and in fact, the link on this Wiki may be the first on the internet), and it could only be found via an internet search. For several days, it was the only Google result for the keyword "Gangadiddle," which could be obtained from the video "Poochee and Pansy, Part 6."

Aside from presenting a general timeframe, the video also established the "gangadiddle" Youtube channel as a location for potential future videos in the hunt.

Hidden/Interesting Images

The opening clip of the video is the outside of a house, possibly used for parts of many other videos. It may be that later this house becomes relevent.


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