Where is a video released by Gangadiddle on February 27th, 2010.

The video is 12 seconds long. The beginning of the video shows the word "Where?". After the word "Where?" disappears, an image appears on the screen containing text.

The Video

Puzzle Relevent Text

In Video

YT1 = 69 48 87 89 106 113 117 57 81 119 69
YT2 = 55 86 122 97 66 107 90 71 68 75 99

MU = 77 51 48 80 80 51 69 57

A drawing of a key is pointing to the "YT", and a drawing of a lock is pointing to the "MU". The YTs are stylized like the Youtube logo, while MU resembles MegaUpload.


Puzzle Solution

The numbers were discovered to be ASCII characters. When converted, they were revealed as:

YT1 = EOWYjqu8QwE
YT2 = 7VzaBkZGDuc
MU = M30PP3E9

The MegaUpload link was for a file called Names.txt, which consisted of seemingly random strings of characters; however, YT1 linked to a performance of "One" by Creed, while YT2 linked to a performance of "To the Left" by Beyonce. Therefore, the key was revealed as "one to the left"; it was discovered that this meant that, to decode each string, the user would hit the key "one to the left" of the character.

Using this cipher, Names.txt was decoded as a list of various celebrities (for full details, see the Names.txt page) All of the people on the list were from Virginia; therefore, the video's query of "Where?" was answered - Dolst, and/or the Gangadiddle, are from, or in, Virginia.

After the puzzle was solved, Gangadiddle changed the description of the "Where" video to "clear" indicating that it had been solved.


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